Monday, September 1, 2014

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How I write and organize sermons in Evernote


In episode 56 of Preachers in Training, I mentioned that I am now using Evernote to write my sermons. I’m not sure why I resisted going to a simpler application for creating a sermon outline. For whatever reason, I thought that I needed the power of Pages with it’s tab functions and ... Read More »

An Open Letter About an Open Door


Dear friends, For the past seven years, the Lord has richly blessed me to serve as one of the preachers for the East Hill church of Christ in Pulaski, TN. Having been raised in Pulaski, I have always known that East Hill is a special place. I have counted it ... Read More »

Is Wealth Linked with Unfaithfulness?


Evidence of the secularization of our culture continues, with little hope of change in the future. One in five Americans now say that faith does not play an important role in their lives. This data comes from the most recent faith poll conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street ... Read More »

Want to Help The Light Network?


The Light Network is a network of podcasts that exists to encourage, enlighten, and empower people in their service to God. Fifteen shows (some now in archives while the majority release weekly) comprise the network. Because of God’s blessings on our work, tens of thousands of people were reached all ... Read More »

Look on the Other Side of the Bus


Life’s lessons are all around us – even on a bus traveling down a Turkish road. In places like Greece and Turkey, tour guides are trained in universities. They intensely study multiple languages, all periods of history, and every nook and cranny of each excavation site. They give their tours ... Read More »
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