[TECH] Should I Wait for the New iPhone?

We now know that Apple will make an announcement on [highlight]Tuesday, September 10, 2013[/highlight]. In recent years, Apple has held a fall announcement that is all primarily about iOS. The eyes of tech journalists are on Apple as everyone anticipates the latest evolution of the iPhone. Rumor mills are kicking into high gear with alleged “leaks” and other speculations. It’s an exciting time for a geek!

So you’re eligible for an upgrade and you love the iPhone. Should you wait or should you go ahead and buy the year-old iPhone 5? My personal opinion is to wait. You’re so close! Even if you’re not interested in the latest and greatest technology, the iPhone 5 will undoubtedly lower in price once the new phone is released, which would be an easy way to save $200.

What do we know about the next iPhone? Honestly, not a lot. Here are a few rumors that seem to be rising to the top.

1. It will probably be called the iPhone 5S. Apple has historically followed a “tick-tock” cycle in releasing new phones. That is, every other year brings a new form factor and new major features to the iPhone (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5). I’m expecting this year’s model to be the iPhone 5S. I believe it will look almost identical (if not entirely identical) to the iPhone 5. Expect internal rather than obvious, external changes.

2. Maybe an iPhone 5c? I’m not sure about this one. The rumor mill reports that Apple is planning to unveil a cheaper line of iPhones next month, called the iPhone 5c. The folks over at iMore.com report that the 5c would feature “colorful shells and price and design that’ll appeal to price-sensitive shoppers, differentiate from the premium models, and get Apple off the dock and 4-inch screen faster.” Makes sense to me. Evidently, Apple contemplated the idea two years ago, when the iPhone 4S was released, but decided not to ship it. More color options and a cheaper price would definitely appeal to the masses who have been on the fence about which smartphone to buy, and this translates into more iOS users for Apple. I’ll let you be the judge on the 5c. I guess we’ll see on September 10.

3. Golden iPhone? I’m seeing consistent reports that Apple may add a golden option to the black and white iPhone colors. Weird? Different? Yes and yes. But I guess anything is possible.

4. Fingerprint Censor. Some of the alleged leaks have shown parts that may be a fingerprint censor for the 5S. Perhaps this will be an additional secure unlock feature?? Some have even speculated that a fingerprint censor may be the only secure lock / unlock feature (instead of the four-digit password).

5. Miscellaneous improvements are for sure. Otherwise, what’s the point? Perhaps we’ll see an iPhone 5S model with more hard drive space (much like the quietly released 128GB iPad). I’m hoping for Siri improvements (something to give the new Moto X a run for its money). Finally, the iPhone 5S will definitely be the most suitable iOS device to run the brand new iOS 7, which is going to be a fun, new experience all the way around.

So, when can you expect the iPhone 5S (and maybe 5c) to be available? If Apple follows it’s patterns, we can look for the announcement Tuesday, September 10, followed by a launch that Friday, September 13. This would put the release of the new iPhone for Friday, September 20, 2013 (again, judging by previous year patterns).

Question: Are you waiting for the new iPhone? What other changes do you expect to see? What do you wish Apple would do to improve the iPhone /  iOS experience?

4 Replies to “[TECH] Should I Wait for the New iPhone?”

  1. We’ve been due an upgrade for 3 months now and this is what I’ve been waiting on. Not necessarily the 5s specifically but for the 5 to go down to the $99 price point. As impressed as I have become with Apple products over the last year with the jump to the iPad and the MacBook Pro I’m still too cheap to pay the $199 for the latest!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Both Cammie and myself are due an upgrade, so I will forward this message to her and we will wait.

    1. I’m glad you found my thoughts to be helpful! I’m waiting, too. I have an iPhone 4 and it’s definitely showing its age. I’m hoping it’ll hang in there for just a few more weeks!

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