Photo Post: April 8, 2013

Tomorrow will mark one whole month since my last blog post. While I do not think so highly of myself as to expect anyone to have noticed or even to have cared, I find blogging to be personally enjoyable – almost therapeutic – so I forge onward.

My temporary hiatus has not entirely been the consequence of neglect. The past thirty days have forever changed my life. I have seen God’s blessings upon the work that I am blessed to do to His glory. The work at East Hill continues to go well with more souls coming to Jesus and growing to a closer relationship with Him. The Light Network continues to grow and to amaze all of us who are involved. We have seen Ephesians 3:20-21 come to life. But the things that have impacted my life the most in the past month are the steps that I have taken. I have walked in the steps of Paul, having visited Corinth, Athens, Colossae, Hierapolis, Laodicea, Crete, Troas, Assos, Ephesus, and more. These kinds of steps change your life. For these and many other blessings, I am forever grateful to my loving Father.

Here are just a few pictures that show you what has made the last month so incredible. Many more details are to come, but perhaps this will suffice for now.

Here’s our flight’s path from ATL to Frankfurt, Germany. We then flew from Frankfurt to Athens. One could not have asked for a better, smoother flight. Even the in-flight meals were good!
This picture documents one of many highlights from the trip. I got to read from Revelation in the theater at Pergamum. Tony Lawrence got it on video and has posted it on YouTube. You can watch it here.
Here’s my lovely wife, Emily, and me on the Greek island of Santorini. It is known as one of the most beautiful places on earth. The sunset was spectacular.
Now, I shall move on to another great part of the past month, the Memphis School of Preaching lectureship! I was honored to lead singing Tuesday night before Bro. Tom Holland spoke. Lee Snow recorded some video that you can watch via facebook.
It’s always a privilege to hear Bro. Tom Holland speak. Bro. Holland is one of my heroes. Emily thought to quickly snap this picture of Chris Clevenger, Bro. Holland, and me in the back of the Forest Hill auditorium. I love it.
Brad McNutt is the host of The Book Club on The Light Network. I was privileged to hear him speak at the MSOP lectures on the topic of “A New Testament Christian Loves Young People.” It was an incredible lesson. I’m happy to count Brad as one of my good friends.
Another great part about the MSOP lectureship was that the entire TLN crew got together to record interviews for TLN Specials. As you can see, we have a little too much fun when we’re all together. These guys are great. I’m honored to serve with them.