Monday Mash-Up: Links to Brighten Your Light

Happy Monday!

Every morning I go to my feeds via Google Reader and check out what’s happening in the blogosphere. This renders many links that I save to my online Pocket and, consequently, pass on to you. Here’s this week’s round.

Coming up this week on PREACHERS IN TRAINING: Chad Landman will join me tomorrow (Tues., March 5) to talk tech; specifically, we will be discussing “Backing Up Your Digital Life.” As ministers in 2013, we can accumulate A LOT of very valuable, digital materials. If you’re like me, then you cannot afford to lose these sermon outlines, Keynote presentations, design documents, etc. (the list could go on and on). Join us LIVE Tuesday at 3:45 PM (CST) in The Light Network’s chat room. to discuss back up techniques. The podcast will release Thursday morning, Lord willing.