Family CROSSroad: Lesson 5: “The Culture of Death: Abortion”

Note: Family CROSSroads is a Wednesday evening study for the fall quarter at North Charleston. Below are slides and helpful resources pertinent to our class discussions.


[highlight]Lesson #05: SATAN’S TOOLBOX – “The Culture of Death: Abortion (October 1, 2014)[/highlight]

SUMMARY: Of the many tools that Satan uses in our culture, abortion is the most prominent. Through the media and agendas of lawmakers, Satan has convinced many women that they have the right to choose to end their unborn child’s life. This lesson is designed to defend the life of that child by focusing on three areas:

  1. The Culture of Canaan
  2. The Sanctity of Human Life
  3. An American Application

Many great, FREE resources are also provided that will help you to learn more about the sin of abortion. There is also a video that is great for anyone who is wrestling with the thought of having an abortion.



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