Family CROSSroads Lesson 2: “The Target: Young People & Families”

Note: Family CROSSroads is a Wednesday evening study for the fall quarter at North Charleston. Below are slides and helpful resources pertinent to our class discussions.


[highlight]Lesson #02: BRIEFING – The Target: Young People & Families (September 10, 2014)[/highlight]

SUMMARY: The term “teenager” wasn’t coined until the late 1930s to early 1940s. Not long thereafter, the culture began to see that it had been neglecting a prime market for too long. Today, teenagers there are two forces that could potentially shape the lives of teenagers: the home and culture. This lesson focuses on three areas:

  1. The origin of the teenagers
  2. Living in a Millennial world
  3. “As for me and my house…”

It’s time for us to recognize that our families and our young people are in Satan’s crosshairs. It’s time to reclaim our families.



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