Family CROSSroads, Lesson 15: “Heaven”

Note: Family CROSSroads is a Wednesday evening study for the fall quarter at North Charleston. Below are slides and helpful resources pertinent to our class discussions.


[highlight]Lesson #15: HIT THE ROAD – CROSSroad: Heaven (December 17, 2014)[/highlight]

SUMMARY: It is only fitting that we conclude this series with a brief study of heaven. We cannot long for a place about which we never think. Meditating about heaven will help us realize that “this world is not [our] home, [we’re] just passing through.” That realization is the key to choosing wisely at the crossroad of Christianity and culture.

This lesson will focus on three parts:

  1. Who will be in heaven.
  2. What heaven is like.
  3. What is NOT in heaven.



Personal Note: Thank you for checking out the Bible class series titled Family CROSSroads. This is the concluding lesson of the series. The entire series has been recorded, and you can find all of the notes and audio recordings on this website. Just click the orange button below.

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