Family CROSSroads, Lesson 14: “Here We Are, Send Us … to the World!”

Note: Family CROSSroads is a Wednesday evening study for the fall quarter at North Charleston. Below are slides and helpful resources pertinent to our class discussions.


[highlight]Lesson #14: HIT THE ROAD – Here We Are, Send Us … to the World! (December 10, 2014)[/highlight]

SUMMARY: In Lesson 3 of this series, we noted that discipleship is a vital part of helping our culture turn from its current course. As we begin to wrap up this series, we return to the concept of discipleship, focusing on the command of Jesus to go and disciple the world. We will turn our attention to four points:

  1. The Word (Mat. 28:18-20)
  2. The World – Locally & Abroad
  3. The Harvest (Mat. 9:35-38)
  4. The Walk and the Talk (Col. 4:2-6)

Christians have a responsibility to the lost. Yes, we are to survive our culture and do whatever it takes to shield ourselves from Satan’s attacks, but we also have a great responsibility to go and make disciples of all who will hear the Gospel.



  • Hope & Expectation: A Journal of The Jenkins Institute – Vol. 1, Issue 1 (August 2011)
    • NOTE: Every article in this issue is great. I especially recommend the following to you:
      • “The Art of Evangelism” by David Shannon (pages 4-7)
      • “Significant Obscurity” by Lonnie Jones (pages 15-17)
      • “Raising Evangelistic Children” by Andy Kizer (pages 28-29)
  • Are We Out-Of-Touch With Culture, Or Out-Of-Touch With The New Testament? by Ben Giselbach
  • Is the Great Commission for me?
    • Stephen took it seriously (Acts 6-7).
    • The scattered Christians obeyed it (Acts 8:1, 4)
    • The church at Antioch obeyed it (Acts 13:1, 3). This is the congregation that supported Paul on his missionary journeys.
    • Paul instructed the Colossians to do it (Col. 4:2-6).
    • Paul instructed Timothy to do it (2 Tim. 2:2).
    • The Great Commission was a way of life for the New Testament church.
      The Great Commission should be a way of life for me.

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