World Wide Weekend: September 14, 2013

Here’s a batch of links that I’ve enjoyed lately:

  • BLOG: “Proper Online Communication for the Christian” by Adam Faughn – Our Christianity should remain with us at all times, even in our virtual conduct.
  • BLOG: “Eight Last Words of a Dying Church” by Chad Landman – Chad considers eight little words that reflect a harmful attitude and produce Christians who are spiritually dead. Spiritually dead Christians make for a spiritually dead congregation (consider the church at Sardis, Rev. 3:1-6). “Revive us again!”
  • BLOG: “Five Different Ways Leaders Respond to Anonymous Critical Letters” by Thom Rainer – Offering criticism – even constructive criticism – through anonymous letters is not God’s plan. Christians, don’t send anonymous critical letters. Instead, do it Christ’s way (Mat. 18:15-17). For those of us who have received anonymous letters from time to time: let’s learn how to deal with them in a way where the work of the Lord (which is so much more important than a discouraging note from someone who won’t even identify themselves) is not hindered.
  • VIDEO: “Who is God?” by Kyle Butt – Who is God? People have asked this question for years. Some people say God is a life force, others say that He is a personal Being, and still others say that God is only made up to control people using religion. This video from WVBS gives some answers.
  • VIDEO: “Where is God?” by Kyle Butt – Can God be seen with a microscope or maybe a telescope? Is He high on a mountain top or deep within the ocean? There is no single, physical place that God resides in our Universe. Learn more in this next installment of the WVBS series.

[highlight]Tomorrow is the Lord’s day.[/highlight] Are you preparing right now to worship God? If you’re in the area, we’d love to have you worship with us at East Hill!