One Reply to “The New You: June 9, 2014”

  1. Thank You Brother Robert for your past transcripts.. They were very thought provoking and I shared them daily on my I believe in discipleship any way you can reach a soul [ref: James 5:20], through your work; through my work; through Bro James Segars work; through Bro Phil Sanders work, through Cecil May Jr. work to name a very few. Sometimes I break down Christian Evangelists long sermons into more precise action for precise persons. I appreciate you work for the Lord in media, however for the hearing impaired; as I am; yet eyes have not failed; the video is not the way to reach out to me and numerous older Christians. I will continue in words and hope I am always correctly putting God first in my discipleship. If you return to adding transcripts to your post…keep them coming…if not remove me because all I do is delete media/video’s. Christian Love to you and your family in your new work for the Lord……Richard

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