[highlight][/highlight] – My wife’s personal website and blog. Head on over there for some great, regular content!

[highlight][/highlight] – Great resources posted regularly

[highlight]Plain, Simple Faith[/highlight] – Spiritual insights from Ben Giselbach.

[highlight]A Legacy of Faith[/highlight] – A great blog about the Bible, family and fun from an incredible family. Also, don’t miss the A Legacy of Faith podcast.


Bible Study Helps

[highlight]North Charleston church of Christ Website[/highlight] – I’ve preached at North Charleston since July 2014. This is a friendly, loving, and faithful congregation of God’s people. If you’re ever in the Charleston area, we’d love to see you!

[highlight]East Hill church of Christ Website[/highlight] – I grew up at East Hill and was privileged to serve as one of their preachers for seven years. There are a lot of great resources here including sermon and gospel meeting recordings, lectureship audio and video archives, radio programs, free PDF lectureship books, and much more.

[highlight]The Truth About…[/highlight] – A video series that sheds Biblical truth on important issues: salvation, morality, worship, marriage, and angels.


Great Works

[highlight]Gospel Broadcasting Network[/highlight] – The truth, and nothing but the truth – 24/7.

[highlight]Polishing the Pulpit[/highlight] – Annual conference in Sevierville, TN.

[highlight]Sain Publications[/highlight] – Sound, Biblical material.

[highlight]World Video Bible School[/highlight] – Great Bible study videos.