Hi, I’m Robert. Sometimes I run this website.

Hi! My name is Robert Hatfield, and I (am supposed to) run this website, roberthatfield.net.

I haven’t quite mastered the regularity of blogging that I hope to achieve one of these years. I’m nowhere near the caliber of my lovely wife, Emily or of my friend Chris. I’m blessed to be a part of lots of things, some of which have been more demanding as of late than others. I’m excited to tell you about a few of them now.

  • Gospel meetings – It was my pleasure to travel to Wildwood, FL to preach in a gospel meeting. The week was one of those highlight weeks thanks to the kind hospitality of the Christians there. What a great church!
  • Increased TV involvement – I have been asked to host a new segment in the great program Fabric of Family. My segment is called the Family Tech Tip of the Week. Each week, I take two minutes to highlight a piece of software, a service, or a moral issue related to technology and the family. Several of these segments have already been shot and they will air shortly. Fabric of Family airs each Sunday morning on WAFF (NBC) out of Huntsville (I think that’s around 6:00-7:00 AM). The viewership is consistently increasing with stations in Chattanooga markets and other places now carrying Fabric. You can also see it on GBN and on the Fabric of Family YouTube page.
  • The work of a preacher – As a preaching servant of the Lord, I am involved every day in the greatest work on earth. Classes that had adjourned for the summer are now back in session (I teach a ladies bible class each Wednesday morning at 10:00 on Colossians. Also, I have returned to the teen class on Wednesday nights. We’re presently studying Ecclesiastes.). Plans have continued to take shape for exciting programs that will promote spiritual growth and unity among the church at East Hill. This and so much more describes the type of things that I get to do each day. To God be the glory for all that I can do to serve Him.

This website is important to me. As you can read on my about page, I do not do this in an effort to gain popularity. I do not blog because I think anyone is particularly interested in reading all of the silly little details of my life. I do it to contribute what I can for the cause of Christ to the online universe. It is all done with the prayer that God will be pleased.

Thanks for popping in! I have several things in store for the upcoming days and weeks, the Lord willing. Hope you’ll join me.