God’s Word on Dealing With Discouragement

Today’s post is a PIT+. These posts will provide bonus material that will supplement the conversation on this week’s episode of Preachers in Training (on The Light Network).

This week, I will be joined by Andy Brewer and Brad McNutt, gospel preachers from Tennessee and Kentucky respectively. Our discussion this month centers around burnout. If you are a preacher, a youth minister, or a Christian at large and you have ever struggled with or gotten close to the line of burnout, then this month’s podcasts are for you.

Everyone has suffered from discouragement while trying to live for God. In fact, we have plenty of Biblical examples of those who struggled through and found help from the Father. Several years ago, I wrote a sermon that I titled “Dealing with Discouragement” It is a study of 1 Kings 19, when Elijah felt alone in the world and wanted to give up his work. Click here to download a PDF version of my slides from that presentation. My prayer is that they will point you to God’s Word and aid you in times of need. These passages have certainly done that for me.

As preachers – and as Christians – we cannot give up. The work in which we are involved is too important. The consequences of quitting are too severe. Keep on keeping on!