Family CROSSroad, Lesson 8: “Satan’s Arrows – Media: The Internet”

Note: Family CROSSroads is a Wednesday evening study for the fall quarter at North Charleston. Below are slides and helpful resources pertinent to our class discussions.


[highlight]Lesson #08: SATAN’S TOOLBOX – “Media: The Internet” (October 22, 2014)[/highlight]

SUMMARY: Media is morally neutral, neither good nor bad. The Internet provides untold numbers of opportunities for good, but equally – if not more – possibilities for evil. This lesson focuses on two areas that God’s people need to understand about the internet: the issue of how we use social media, and the issue of pornography. Therefore, this lesson follows a three-point roadmap:

  1. The Focus for Christians (Col. 3:1-2)
  2. Facebook Use Done Right
  3. The Filth of Pornography

There are several invaluable resources below, especially regarding finding help for online addiction. Be sure to check out the resources.



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