Blog Hop: Podcasts We Like

There are over 250,000 podcasts in iTunes. They’re from 155 countries and are in over 40 different languages! Clearly, there’s no shortage of material out there for you to tap into. How do you choose which podcast(s) are right for you? That’s where today’s post comes in.

Today is an especially exciting day here on the blog! I’m happy to be participating in a “blog hop.” Five bloggers have gotten together and decided to write on the same topic: podcasts.

We’re going to list the podcasts that we listen to by categories and point you to the places where you can go and listen (or even subscribe) for yourself. At the bottom, you’ll find the links to the other blogs. Hope this is helpful!

My Podcast List

I mainly listen to three categories of podcasts: brotherhood podcasts, tech podcasts (I’m kind of a geek), and leadership / self-help podcasts. While I have listed several podcasts under each category, I do not necessarily listen to every episode. Also, I cannot endorse everything that comes from the podcasters that I have listed below. However, all of the podcasts that I have listed keep a “family friendly” environment (which, to many, is relatively defined). Please use your discretion.

#1: Brotherhood Podcasts (produced by members of Churches of Christ)

I love it when lectureships have podcasts of their lectures. Here are a few lectureships that I subscribe to each year:

A growing amount of content is being produced for youth groups. I’m excited to see Horizons in iTunes!

Podcast networks by our brethren:

  • The Equip Network – The Equip Network has, in many respects, lead the way for podcasting in the Lord’s church. I love iPreach, MinistryGeek, and Equipped Today.
  • The Light Network – I’m privileged to be one of the directors and founders of TLN. We offer eight podcasts that I believe are worth your time. Check them out on the website and let us know what you think (including what we can do better).

#2: Tech News and Information

I listen each week to several tech shows from the  TWiT (This Week in Tech) Netcast Network. Here are some of my favorites (they have around 25 podcasts total).

Another techy network, the 5by5 network, offers some great content

  • Old Tech News with Andy Ihnatko (I love anything Andy Ihnatko produces. He’s been writing tech columns for years for the Chicago Sun-Times. On this show, he discusses some of the tech headlines that he has written about.)
  • The Ihnatko Almanac with Andy Ihnatko and Dan Benjamin
  • The Mixdown with Anthony Stauffer and Dan Benjamin (This is a show about how to podcast, hosted by the founder of 5by5. They have discontinued the podcast, but it is still available in archived form.)

Are you interested in starting a podcast of your own? Then you simply MUST listen to the Podcast Answer Man, Cliff Ravenscraft. Cliff has been podcasting since the early days. He loves it so much that it ultimately became his full-time job! He offers tons of free tips that are worth your while if you’re interested in the medium of podcasting.

#3: Leadership & Personal Development

  • This is Your Life: A Podcast by Michael Hyatt (Michael Hyatt is so practical and helpful. If you love his podcast as much as I do, then you’ll jump head over heels when you discover his website!)
  • The Accidental Creative (I’m relatively new to this show, but am enjoying what I’ve heard and the premise behind the show. Worth a glance.)
  • Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn (Pat Flynn’s name has become synonymous with how to make money online. He comes highly recommended by leadership experts like Michael Hyatt.)

Now that you have seen the podcasts that I like, take a few minutes to “hop” over to the other writers who are doing the same thing today:

Adam Faughn lists his favorite podcasts here.

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QUESTION: Do you like the “blog hop” idea? What other podcasts do you recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments section.