Announcing My PTP Live Blog

Beginning Friday, you’ll find me in Ballroom C at Polishing the Pulpit, listening to incredible lessons by some of the greatest preachers alive today. The reason I’ll be in the same place for the whole week is because I help record the lessons on DVD, and my assignment each year is in Ballroom C. I enjoy being there because it’s the host of many of the preachers track lessons. I can’t wait to be challenged and encouraged again this year and to bring back many, many great ideas that I can implement in my own work in the Lord’s church.

I want you to come with me to PTP. But I know that it’s impossible for everyone to get to go every year. That’s why I’ve decided to do a live blog this year during PTP!

What’s a live blog? Wikipedia defines it as follows:

[box type=”shadow” ]A liveblog is a blog post which is intended to provide a rolling textual coverage of an ongoing event, similar to Live television or live radio.[/box]

In other words, you can come here to and click on the “PTP Live Blog” button at the top of the page (newly added as of today), and you’ll find all of my updates from PTP. You can also access it by going to I’ll be posting pictures, quotes, and more each day live from the event so you can enjoy PTP with me, and, hopefully, so you will come in person next year!

Also, since I’ll be away from my normal routine, the live blog will be the only postings from beginning this Friday until the following Saturday. I look forward to sharing these experiences with you and I hope it’s something you’ll like, too!